PTR Tamper Resistant Process Gauge

PTR Tamper Resistant Process Gauge - Winters Instruments

Order Codes:

PTR5061R1 PTR5062R1 PTR5063R1 PTR5064R1 PTR5065R1 PTR5066R1 PTR5067R1 PTR5068R1 PTR5069R1 PTR5070R1 PTR5071R1 PTR5072R1 PTR5073R1 PTR5074R1

Other ranges and connection sizes (3/4” NPTM, 1” NPTM, 1/2” NPTF) available upon request.

Other fills available.

Pin stop at 6 o’clock position available.

For options, attach suffix to end of order code: i.e. PTR5070-SF45 for SILICONE-FILLED GAUGE CASE.

Option suffix:

G = Glycerin-filled gauge case

TAG = Stainless steel tagging

RS = Orifice restrictor for severe pulsation

TC = NIST test certificate of calibration

SF45 = Silicone-filled gauge case

ZR = StabiliZRTM movement

SG-45 = Safety glass

PTR Tamper Resistant Process Gauge

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