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Thermowells are cylindrical fittings used to protect temperature sensors installed in industrial processes. They consist of a tube closed at one end and mounted in the process stream. A temperature sensor such as a thermometer, thermocouple, or an RTD is placed in the open end of the tube, which is likely in the open air outside the process piping or vessel and any thermal insulation. Thermodynamically, the process fluid transfers heat to the thermowell wall, which then transfers heat to the sensor.


TBR Bi-Metal Threaded Thermowell

TDF Duct Flange TIW Industrial Thermowell

TIW Industrial Thermowell

TSN Sanitary Thermowell

TST Tridicator Shut-off Thermowell

TWF Flanged Bi-Metal Thermowell

TWS Socket Weld Bi-Metal Thermowell

TWW Weld-In Threaded Thermowell



Order Codes:

TBR Bi-Metal Threaded Thermowell 

TBR2550 TBR2550-1 TBR2550-2 TBR25 TBR25-1 TBR25-2 TBR3550 TBR3550-1 TBR3550-2 TBR35 TBR35-1 TBR35-2 TBR35100 TBR35100-1 TBR35100-2 TBR650 TBR650-1 TBR650-2 TBR6 TBR6-1 TBR6-2 TBR6100 TBR6100-1 TBR6100-2 TBR950 TBR950-1 TBR950-2 TBR9 TBR9-1 TBR9-2 TBR9100 TBR9100-1 TBR9100-2 TBR1250 TBR1250-1 TBR1250-2 TBR12 TBR12-1 TBR12-2 TBR12100 TBR12100-1 TBR12100-2 TBR15 TBR15-1 TBR15-2 TBRN650 TBRN650-1 TBRN650-2 TBRN6 TBRN6-1 TBRN6-2 TBRN6100 TBRN6100-1 TBRN6100-2 TBRN950 TBRN950-1 TBRN950-2 TBRN9 TBRN9-1 TBRN9-2 TBRN9100 TBRN9100-1 TBRN9100-2 TBRN1250 TBRN1250-1 TBRN1250-2 TBRN12 TBRN12-1 TBRN12-2 TBRN1210 TBRN1210-1 TBRN1210-2

TDF Duct Flange

TDF100 TDF200

TIW Bi-Metal Threaded Thermowell

TIW02 TIW02-1 TIW02-2 TIW01 TIW01-1 TIW01-2 TIW03 TIW03-1 TIW03-2 TIW04 TIW04-1 TIW04-2 TIW07 TIW07-1 TIW07-2 TIW01LF TIW03LF TIW04LF TIW07LF

TSN Bi-Metal Threaded Thermowell


TST Tridicator Shut-Off Thermowell

TST025 TST050

TWF Bi-Metal Threaded Thermowell

TWF11504304 TWF151504304 TWF21504304 TWF11504316 TWF151504316 TWF21504316 TWF11506304 TWF151506304 TWF21506304 TWF11506316 TWF151506316 TWF21506316 TWF11509304 TWF151509304 TWF21509304 TWF11509316 TWF151509316 TWF21509316 TWF115012304 TWF1515012304 TWF215012304 TWF115012316 TWF1515012316 TWF215012316 TWF115015304 TWF1515015304 TWF215015304 TWF115015316 TWF1515015316 TWF215015316 TWF13004304 TWF153004304 TWF23004304 TWF13004316 TWF153004316 TWF23004316 TWF13006304 TWF153006304 TWF23006304 TWF13006316 TWF153006316 TWF23006316 TWF13009304 TWF153009304 TWF23009304 TWF13009316 TWF153009316 TWF23009316 TWF130012304 TWF1530012304 TWF230012304 TWF130012316 TWF1530012316 TWF230012316 TWF130015304 TWF1530015304 TWF230015304 TWF130015316 TWF1530015316 TWF230015316

TWS Bi-Metal Threaded Thermowell

TWS754304 TWS754316 TWS14304 TWS14316 TWS756304 TWS756316 TWS16304 TWS16316 TWS759304 TWS759316 TWS19304 TWS19316 TWS7512304 TWS7512316 TWS112304 TWS112316

TWW Socket Weld Bi-Metal Thermowell 

TWW154304 TWW154316 TWW156304 TWW156316 TWW159304 TWW159316 TWW1512304 TWW1512316


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